The Lockerbie Release

August 24, 2009

Dear Americans suggesting “boycott Scotland” and Robert Mueller,
Before rabbiting on about the rule of law being violated in places in which you have no say why not: a) be aware of the facts at hand and b)sort out your own twisted wreckage of a legal system.

a)The release of a prisoner on campassionate grounds is considered “due process” under scots law. Meaning that it is legal process which is followed in the event of a prisoner being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Bearing this in mind the decision of the Scottish Government reflects THE LAW as it stands. In this sense Mr Mueller’s comment on the rule of law being violated can be viewed as irrelevant as any other action would have been a violation of Scots law.
The decision of the Scotish Government to engage all prisoners equally further highlights the moral superiority of the legal system. Unlike Westminster and Washington the Scotish Government does not harm the battle against terrorism by creating a seperate system in which terrorists must be tried. A double standard which debases the whole concept of justice and no doubt agravates the entire situation regarding extremist anger at the west and social alienation amonst Islamic communities in the USA and Britain.

b)For a FBI official to begin to talk about the rule of law is laughable. Especially in the context of terrorism. While it maybe Mr Mueller’s opinion that the rule of law has been shamed by this release does he hold similar views on Extraordinary rendition ? Torture ? The legality of the Iraq War ? The Rule Of Law is not Mr Mueller’s concern, he is has used the phrase as a front to hide the callous view that infects many top offcials in Washington and London- that the law does not apply equally to terrorists. A view I find abhorrent.